The Warrionaire™ Morning Routine: How To DOMINATE YOUR DAY

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.


Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.


I remember what it was like to be normal.

In a way it was great because I had way more friends, but in another way it wasn’t because life, and everything in it, sucked beyond all suckugnition.

Of particular suckiness were Mondays, Monday mornings, and Tuesday through Sunday mornings.

“Ugh. Another day? How do I make these stop?”

“Daddy, why do we keep having all these days and then going to bed at night and then having all these days and then going to bed at night? Will it ever end? Won’t I get bored at doing this stuff again and again and again?”

– Giselle Eisenberg, Cameron Diaz’s daughter in Sex Tape, 2014

Oh, and Mon-Fri afternoons were no good either. I got tired and felt like napping in the ‘noons.

I would think maybe I was an anomaly except for when I Google image searched “Monday quotes” looking for something inspirational to post on my Facebook wall last week about 79,000 versions of this came up:


As I look back on that phase of my life I honestly don’t know what kept me going. Friday and Saturday nights I suppose.

It’s almost like I was on autopilot. An autopilot on a plane of suck.

There were a lot of factors that went in to turning that plane around, but one big one was developing a morning routine conducive to dominating the day.

And not just any morning routine mind you.

The Warrionaire™ morning routine.

“All morning routines are not created equal.”


*you have to be super big to quote yourself in your own stuff. don’t try this yet

How we start a thing is generally how it will keep going. And it will tend to keep going with a life of its own. We have more control of it at the start than we do in the middle and end. This is true of almost everything in life: Days, years, businesses, projects, relationships, etc.

Starting well is CRUCIAL.

There was a clinical study done by some really smart foreign dudes with weird names I can’t remember which proved that people have a limited daily supply of self-control. Self-control is like a muscle. It’s strongest in the beginning of its exercise and gradually fatigues.

What does this mean for you?

It means read this blog post and do exactly what it says. Did you even read the paragraph above this??? There was a STUDY, man! THIS IS SERIOUS!


Alright no more fooling around; here’s the thesis of this scientifically backed blog post you’re currently not sure why you’re reading:

In life there are wussbags and warriors, moneyless and millionaires. And when warriors and millionaires crossbreed?

They produce warrionaires™.

And warrionaires™ start their mornings a certain way.

Luckily for you I happen to be one, so I’m going to pull the curtain back for you on my personal warrionaire™ morning routine so you can copy and paste it to YOUR LIFE.

(Btw, “warrionaire™” isn’t actually trademarked, but I’m considering it, so I just wanted to see what it looked like on cyber-paper)

Lots of people talk about the value of morning routines, but I don’t see many revealing theirs in detail for some reason.

They saving it for their home study courses or something?

Let’s go …

(only 2% of this is exaggerated btw. 11% tops)

7:14 AM: My eyes open. No alarm clock needed. I know exactly what time it is without looking at clocks or hearing things. It’s seven fourfreakinteen CT (Crush Time; it’s like Mountain Standard Time but with absolutely nothing standard about it. Me and like nine other people live in this time zone. It’s really exclusive. You can apply for citizenship in a comment below. Just tell us why we should let you in.)

What’s that you say? You wake up earlier? Wow. You want an award or something? What do you think this is … a Wake Up competition?? Life is a PRODUCTION and RECOVERY competition.

See my thoughts on recovery here and production here.

Want to see what 8 hours of sleep gets you?

This is me in a crushed red velveteen rabbit shirt for some reason when I was 24ish years old. I can’t remember, but I’m hoping this was a Halloween party or something …


“Sir, can you please explain that shirt you’re wearing? You’re
under arrest for disturbing the fashion peace.”

 NOW … This is me reenacting that scene just last week at age 39 for the sake of contrast …



See what I’m saying? Ageless. The guy to the left of me is my sleep mentor. Double proof.

7:141 AM (that’s 7:14am & 1 second): My feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I’m headed to the bathroom. FAST. It’s on like Donkey Kong. And I don’t even need to go to the bathroom. I just gotta be somewhere (anywhere), and I already feel LATE.

If I lay in bed one second longer the most absurd, negative psychotic thoughts of every horrible thing that could ever potentially happen to me will come funneling into my mind like a mental beer bong. Reeeeally bad beer too. Like … Natural Ice bad. Not the worst, but darn close.


7:15 AM:
I arrive at the bathroom. Literally my master bedroom is so big it takes a full 59 seconds to jog from the bed to the bathroom. I’m not bragging either; it’s freaking annoying. I count it towards my cardio for the day.

masterYes, I’m writing this post from bed. Yes, we use binoculars to watch TV.

I brush my teeth while grinning at myself in the mirror and pummeling positive affirmations through my mind. I do this to continue protecting myself from the mental Natty Ice Beer Bong that I know is looming somewhere in the ether ready to drown me in mediocrity and destroy my day. Here’s a video reference in case you don’t know what a beer bong is:

How funny would it be if you were shocked to discover this was YOUR grandma?! LOL! “Gran Gran, nooooo!”

7:24 AM: [I’m a thorough brusher] I dip into a steaming hot tub overlooking the water in my backyard and start thanking God for everything I can think of. This would be extraordinarily relaxing and Zenful if I didn’t know that at exactly

7:27 AM: I cannonball myself into a freezing cold pool or ice bath, depending on the season (if it’s an ice bath I tend not to cannonball. I jackknife for safety). I stay there for at least a few minutes submerging my head for as long as possible. I come up for air feeling like Aaron Cross in the opening scene of The Bourne Legacy. I am a force of nature.


Why do I do this?

Four reasons:

1. Anthony Robbins told me to. I obey all giants with money, helicopters and stage presence.

2. It sends a clear message to my body and feelings that I am their master. I tell them what to do, not the other way around. I am a warrionaire™; It sets the tone for the day. I’ve already overcome a (minor) fear and achieved something within the first thirteen minutes of consciousness. Momentum has begun.

3. It lets me know I’m awake now. For REALLY awake. It shocks my nervous system and lights up all the fun feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins, noradrenaline and such. Basically it shakes off the dust of sleep and energizes me for the day.

4. If you study Greek history like I haven’t, you’ll find that the Spartans only took cold showers and baths. They felt that heat was for the weak and cowardly.

Have you seen the movie 300? If I have to choose between comfort and flab or cold and those abs? Shoot. I’ll take the abs. True, they were CGI’d in the movie. But one person’s CGI is another’s reality, that’s what I always say.

Not showing off. Just reminding

An alternative to this is to dump some ice in your sink, fill it up, and submerge your whole head in it a few times. This is especially recommended if you got a bad night’s sleep. I did it just this morning. Paul Newman used to do it every day, and a lot of “beauty experts” credit it for his youthful appearance in old age. And all these years I thought it was the salad dressing.

7:36 AM: I add 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (Reason: and one tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice (Reason: to a 16 ounce bottle of Mountain Valley water. I grab five different types of neuro-supplements that light my brain on fire, and down it all while opening my free arm wide to symbolically receive the day with open arms while running the following thoughts through my mind mid-gulp:

“I’m not tired, I’m energized. I’m energized! I’M ENERGIZED!!! The powerful life of God is flowing through my mind, body, soul and spirit bringing healing and energy and power and vitality. Every single cell of my body is alive and vibrating with love and joy and harmony. I feel like a billion dollars. I’m feelin good like I SHOULD! Today is going to be a great day! I can’t wait to see what fun and exciting things are in store for me today!”

Now, I personally like God. It’s ok if you don’t. You do you. He doesn’t get offended easily so don’t worry. I mean maybe worry a little, but there’s time.

And if you thought the ice thing wakes you up? Wait till you down that cider-lemon-water concoction. You almost have to be just as brave.

7:35 AM: I make a cup of organic Death Wish coffee*, down it, and slam the cup on the counter like a badass cowboy doing a shot of whiskey in an old western movie. It’s too hot, and it hurts. My brain is approaching inferno status. I can’t stop smiling. I’ve been awake for only 21 minutes, and I already have this day by the cahones.

 … for the distinguished risk taker 

*I know. I know. I’ve been saying coffee is bad for you for … oh … forever or so now. I was wrong; sorry. Apparently there are approximately 10,000 studies showing it’s insanely good for brain health. But it has to be ORGANIC. Death Wish and Green Mountain are the best.

7:38 AM: I read the bible. I’ve been doing this first thing in the morning for 16 years or so now. Prior to doing this I was miserable, broke, lonely, depressed, lost, foolish, clueless, angry … you get the picture. Now I’m the opposite of all those things. Just my personal experience. Read something else to inspire you if the #1 selling book of all time in the history of man doesn’t peek your interest.

If you look in the Bible there’s no birthdays.

– The Artist Formerly Known As PRINCE

See? I’ve been saying all along most holidays are a marketing scam. Gotta read your bible.

8:08 AM: I pray. Prayer, for me, is like meditation on legal steroids that are good for you. It’s simply asking the God who created both you and the entire universe for help. Sounds crazy, I know. Most people wait until they’re either in excruciating pain or minutes from death to try this. I decided to do it in advance; I’m an early adopter. Meditate instead if you want.

8:38 AM: I make my magical morning protein/blueberry/greens shake and take more supplements than you could possibly imagine.

I’ll help your imagination …


Now you may think this is absurd. But, as usual when you’re thinking things … I’m busy winning (yes, with Charlie Sheen).

But if you want to press the issue, let’s play a game. It’s called “Let’s Compare Blood-work!” The winner gets to live until he’s 120.

8:59 AM: I head to the gym. Normally I would head to Gracie Tampa for jiu jitsu and MMA training, my boxing coach for boxing training, or an outdoor boot camp of some sort (depending on the day), but I’m currently rehabbing from a major back surgery so I’m stuck doing physical therapy for now. Oh well. I’ll be back soon. With a vengeance.

9:59 AM: I sit in the sauna at 190 degrees for 30 minutes. It is possibly the hottest sauna on earth. I’m sweating buckets in less than 6 seconds. For a full explanation of why I do this, just read …

10:29 AM: I eat the best organic beef jerky on the planet ( and drink a green smoothie (12oz water, big handful of spinach, ¼ avocado, ½ cup strawberries, ½ cup pineapple in this blender … … regular blender won’t cut it. Literally.)

10:49 AM: I take a 10-minute ice bath for muscle recovery, to reduce inflammation and control my anxiety (yes, I have issues. Do you?). I only do this a few times a week as it’s not really that great for your muscle tissue. Cryotherapy is ideal, and I’ve been waiting for my chiropractor to get one in for about a year now. One of the disadvantages of living in the dirty south is our entrepreneurs, medical doctors and restaurant owners are all still using 1970’s manuals. I may have to just buy one for the house.

11:14 AM: I start printing money. From home.

Now, compare that to the average American’s morning routine:

Wake up to an alarm clock, hit the snooze button infinity times, take a warm cozy shower that leaves you still asleep, groom, sleepwalk out of the house, stop at Starbucks for a gallon of coffee steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, genocides and a old fashioned doughnut steeped in something similar but probably worse (do they still have those doughnuts? MAN I miss those.), sit in traffic for an hour and work for The Man.


Who do you think is going to die first?

The warrionaire™? Or the average American?

Seriously though, the real question is “Who do you think is going to have a more productive day?”

Come up with your own daily morning routine that exercises your mind, body, and spirit. One that creates a solid base for your day to stand on, and fills you with energy that lasts the day. Start small and build your way up.

Or, if you consider yourself a warrionaire™, try the warrionaire™ morning routine out for 30 days. Tell me what happens on Day 1 in a comment below. Or share YOUR morning routine with all of us!


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68 Comments on "The Warrionaire™ Morning Routine: How To DOMINATE YOUR DAY"

  1. An excellent way to start a day (any day), especially the morning prayers and reading the good Book ( amen, brother). Firstly, in regards to hot and cold showers, the Swedish and Finnish does it all the time, ( start with sauna, followed by rolling in the snow and then a dunk in the icy river – that’s why they are physically fit and very intelligent). Secondly, if somebody is already financially independent, every week comprised of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, followed by Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and so on. For those who are still working, I agree, Mondays sucks because after the week-end, we have to go back to work on Mondays.
    Lastly, I was looking at your vitamins and supplements very closely, and I did not see a gallon of Willards Water. This was discovered and or invented by Dr. Willard and you can get all information about this from Nutrition Coalition Inc. from Fargo, N.D., the only genuine and original seller of this product (I am a more than 10 years user of this and it works healthwise).
    Thanks for the very serious and humorous mails and excellent brotherly advise, and a I propose a toast to your continued health and wealth,


    • Author
      Preston Ely November 3, 2014 Reply

      Willards Water. I’ll look into it. I drink Kukun water which is pretty cool for o2.

  2. Okay, so I am not a warrionaire but I am also not your average American. No alarm needed, I just get up, guess I am just used to getting up at 630am to go work for the man 🙁 But hey, a routine is a routine. Get a 2 mile walk/run in (can’t continuosly run unless I am beig chased. Can’t stand hot showers, I am not a ham or egg don’t need to be boiled. I do the whole bathroom theatrical bit, get me 16z room temp bottled Smart water (no it does not make you any wiser) and chugg it down with 2 tsp blackseed oil, fish oil (omega 3) and vitamen E. All great for your soul. Read the day i am on from the Book “Streams of the Dessert” L.B.Cowman. Make List of to-do’s/goals for the day for my REI team and then head in traffic to work for the man. along the way planning for the day (which will be soon) that this part of my routine will no longer exist. Oh, yeah flash drive in hand so I can do my business while at the uuhhhh…JOB…

  3. Awesome!!! Can’t wait until I can get up and not HAVE to do something…but choose to do something (or what I want). Giving praise to the Almighty!

  4. Preston, Great stuff, your faith and openness about it is the reason why I followed you and picked up your real estate software program freedomsoft. I have been trying to get out of the rat race for oh so long so I am trying to figure this real estate with no money to invest thing out. I too live a healthy life style, have you ever heard of the super food moringa? It will probably help you cut out a lot of those vitamins you have to cram down. Check it out on you can order it direct from My personal favorite is the Supermix and Prime90 shake which I grind up with blueberries for breakfast. God Bless


  5. Intense!!! What type of neuro-supplements do you use?

    • Author
      Preston Ely November 4, 2014 Reply

      Power On (
      Neurolink from Amen Clinics
      Adrenal from Priority One

  6. Harold Rowan November 4, 2014 Reply

    I am blessed and feel favored by your blog post. You have helped me tremendously. I have added you to my prayer list for your continued growth spiritually and financially. You are a blessing.


  7. Mike McCluskey November 4, 2014 Reply

    I appreciate you not being shy about your belief system and being willing to let folks know that you start every day with prayer and reading the Word of God….We need more successful people like your self stepping up because of the negative direction our country is going regarding faith,morals, and belief systems.. Thanks

  8. Leslie Beem (formerly Cannaday) November 4, 2014 Reply

    It is genuinely amazing the things that work together when you put God first in your day! Thanks for being up front when sharing your morning. I wouldn’t be heading into the stratosphere that I am headed into (in other words right behind you)if I hadn’t made God a priority! I am in the later parts of my initial learning curve. Three years in, and finally taking action. Thanks again.

  9. tight post.

    I can testify that cold ass showers work to light up your brain. I literally only have cold water, and it works crazy good.

    Youre the first person ive read that has been able to explain the boss component over your mind & body, but that makes sense.

    And I swear it burns fat and calories because I’m in great shape and I do not get enough excercise lately other than getting shit done all day.

    Youve convinced me i need a hot tub.

  10. I love your attitude towards life and your inspiration..seems sooo crazy cool..but yet inspiring and tru…you give me all the above
    Aretha Lewis..

  11. CHANDAN SINGH November 4, 2014 Reply

    DEAR Sirs/All,

    Good Morning everybody.

    We hope that all is well there.

    I want tell to all World with humbly request (with hand link) that every things of all world can not move with out GOD GRACE.






  12. Very nice & inspiring! Acknowledging God & reading the Bible, openingly stating this impact on your life solidifies my intentions to be connectd to Warrionaire. Thank you.

  13. Well written clever article, Preston.

    Willard Water was not invented as a health product. It was invented to be an industrial cleaner and de-greaser and food preservative. But since people who inbreed in those parts of the country where there is a lot of grease often run out of regular water to mix with their moonshine, they used whatever happened to be available and the excessive chemical dosage inWillard’s water like
    CALCIUM CHLORIDE (rock salt) a little kick to the moonshine’burn’ and vioila! A new ‘health’ drink was Frankensteined!

    It caught on because in this day and age of delusional people often needing mythology to boost the ‘suckodepressent’ lives in the absence of the good old fashioned ‘snake oil’ they used to peddle, filling the void of fantasy addiction, so to speak.

    Of course the ‘Nutrition Coalition’ will say it’s a miracle because they make money off of it. But for the little bit of good stuff in it like Magnesium–hopefully not the industrial grade, you’re better off saving the money you waste on it and buy the regular vitamins.

    I suppose it might work somewhat for those who really have a lot of ‘grease and grime’ in their system, you never know when you don’t ‘really’ know what’s in it?!

    The only water anyone should be drinking for optimum health is Steam Distilled water. Available in every grocery store for only about a buck a gallon. It acts as a chelative agent and system purifier because of its electro-molecular composition. There’s no better or purer water than that.

  14. Love your morning routine especially reading the bible. Have a great day.

  15. Thank you for inviting me to your world, RECIEVED. ,,

  16. Faaoli Poe November 4, 2014 Reply

    That was awesome Preston, I m a believer myself, but you inspire me today.

    I’m in a very bad financial situation right now, broke have no money and lot of debt. I want to make this happen for me and my family .
    Please pray for me.

    God bless

  17. Darren P.D. Walker November 4, 2014 Reply

    Dude, this is my first exposure to you and I’m IMPRESSED. Excellent writing. I rarely read anyone’s full post…BORING. But this was thoroughly entertaining AND informative.

    Only one correction…The Bible mentions two birthdays, both were celebrated by unrighteous people and both involved murders.

    Love you, man!

  18. Shane Whalen November 4, 2014 Reply

    WOW,motivational,inspirational,and a little scary and crazy at the same time,I LIKE IT,i always thought once you get rich,like Rockstar rich, you get to sleep in and laugh at all the 9 to 5ers.thats somewhat of a goal isnt it??lol

  19. Thanks Preston, Enjoyed the e-mail. I have a routine and meditation time with God and me also. I’m determined to see success this Year!!

  20. Good morning, Preston. I really enjoyed reading your morning routine. It’s quite a bit different from mine, so I read with real interest…also a lot of inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing so much of and about you, because your life and work are a benefit to many of us.

  21. Hey Preston,

    Thanks for the insight. I just read an excellent article sure to facilitate change. I noticed all of your routine feeds the energizing axis of the Balance Matrix in this article. Beats the heck out of starting the day with dishes, laundry, kid’s tasks, and a PopTart. I’m turning this ship around! Thanks for the compass.
    NEW ME

  22. Elaine Hanley (Sheran) November 4, 2014 Reply

    Good Morning Mr Preston. I thank you very much for your inspirational blog. I too used to hate Mondays, come to think of it I did not care for the other days of the week either. I thought well, if I am going to make this work (life that is!) I might as well do something. So I became a “Tree Hugger” I did this insane behavior for decades. I never liked getting up early, slept in, then stayed up late nights was the” life”for me( I was not in my right mind) I thought. Fast forward to 2010, when God brought me to my senses, I am now up between 4 am-7 am every morning. Speaking about energy that last all day! The first thing I do in the morning is get on my knees and say Hi to my God, then eat his word (spiritual food), talk about controlled power and energy. I don’t about putting my head in cold icy water ( I tried the polar bear swim once, then went in a hot tub, felt as if I was being cooked to death) You are right, essential nutrients, a positive mental attitude, and God giving me the “winds beneath my wings” is a key to being a successful person. “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me”

  23. Great to hear your love of God and prayer. Great ideas for getting the body and brain awake…How would you fit a baby and a 2 year old into your routine if you would have to take care of them all day?

  24. You read the Bible.. and then you went to Mixed Martial Arts class? Let me guess, you were NOT reading about Jesus?

    • Author
      Preston Ely November 5, 2014 Reply

      This sounds like you’re judging me. Are you judging me? I think there’s a verse about that somewhere.

      Jesus loves mixed martial arts. Trust me. Read your Old Testament, and don’t just be one of those lame-o New Testament Christians. Jesus is the Old Testament God in human form. “The Lord is a warrior.” – Exodus 15:3 God (and Jesus IN God) commanded the Jews to murder whole races of people. Women and children included. How do you explain that? Go study your bible and get back to me. And what in the world was Jesus doing whipping all those people in the temple??? Don’t be a wussbag. What would you do if someone came to attack you and your wife and children? I know what I’d do. My wife and children would be safe as can be. What would yours be? DEAD? Because you’re too scared to fight??? Grow up. Be a man.

      • Darren P.D. Walker November 5, 2014 Reply

        Jesus came to earth to establish a NEW covenant. One of the things this changed was a move from physical warfare to spiritual warfare. He promoted peace and non-violence.

        None the less, being able to protect yourself and your family is important. I don’t think he would disagree with that.

      • The Absent Game…Between me and my husadband we’ve owned a lot more MP3 gamers over time than I can count, toegther with Sansas, iRivers, iPods (typadiadcal & touch), the Ibiza Rhapadsody, etc. But, the last few sevaderal years I’ve setadtled down to one line of gamers.…

  25. Robert W Hunter November 5, 2014 Reply

    Preston, AWESOME as usual (as you always plan and expect to be!!)

    Thank you! Been waiting for your next in-depth share of your ever learning day to day to itinerary. I keep remembering your quote on your web page (Why should you listen to Preston, and do exactly everything he tells you).

    This is going to be fun man!!

    Thank you!! (a serious fan)

    Robert W Hunter

  26. Elaine Hanley (Sheran) November 5, 2014 Reply

    Good Morning all,
    I would like to share this with you. This morning I was inspired by this text in the Bible, and is sharing it, so someone else might be bless.

    “Be careful for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to GOD” Phillippians 4 versus 6

  27. Hey Preston, really good read on how to start the morning off right.

    I’m here to ”apply” to the crunch time citizenship club. I want to be a warrionaire!!!

    Once again, great read man and keep it up.

  28. I’m just starting to get on track I believe in what you do I’m going to do my best to emulate what you do I’m ready for a change

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  29. CHANDAN SINGH November 7, 2014 Reply











  30. Jose Gonzalez November 7, 2014 Reply

    Wake up pop my shoes on and whatever I manage to gather with one eye open, get my anthony robbins daily and run the Fk out the door, I live in Chicago so its not a nice day in the fall or winter. I listen to the wisdom of anthony and when I’m done I listen to the rap of this homeless guy who lost everything. At that point I feel like I can lift a car, more like a house. Get home drink whey, do 30min of p90, and start my day with my first meal, eggs and a green drink.

  31. Hey P. I love to call on th High And Lofty One and the reading of his message to all who are willing to listen. I’ve tried the cold showers in the snow great wake me up. As for the coffee I never liked the taste but you say it has been confirmed that it helps the brain I’ll try it for the sake of brain power. Also I like it when you give these golden nuggets of knowledge always onfinue to show your love.

  32. Preston, I have been implementing the morning routine you recommend in your wake up wealthy program since May 2014. This has changed my physical life for good! MORE ENERGY , BETTER SHAPE(MY BODY) and BETTER WELL BEING in general! I cannot imagine what will happen when I manage to master this one.

    You ‘re the real DEAL in every aspect of life.

    What did you just say? ….you know it?

    OHH, I know that you know it man….don’t be so sarcastic!

    Anyway,I want you to know that you have contributed a lot to my dramatically better edition of myself!

    23 years old

  33. CHANDAN SINGH November 10, 2014 Reply

    DEAR All,

    Good Morning everybody.

    We hope that all is well there.

    I want tell to all World with humbly request (with hand link) that







  34. Wendy Schild December 11, 2014 Reply

    Sounds fun. Mine is not that different. But its Bible before pool. No mmi. Not beef jerky no smoothie but I can see we’ve been reading a lot of the Same things, except I am addicted to Hebrew which makes my Bible take longer, I do Pilates during Joseph Prince and walk 2 cute dogs. Maybe some day I’ll do the real ex=state thing tho but for now you print the money. Thank You for the blog. It was encouraging . And fun . A little more like my son.

  35. Awesome article. I recently mentioned how we need to completely change up our morning routine! I will use this as blueprint!

  36. Amen. Good word. Fools despise wisdom and discipline. The wise will do what the unwise will not do.

  37. Thank you. Presently I have $3.89 in my bank account and am very grateful that it is not my spiritual account which I know to be infinite…

  38. rick barwick February 4, 2015 Reply

    this is just Flat out awesome I have to wrap my mind around the cold dips I dont have a pool but I get it thank you for sharing I booked marked the page do you have a list of all your supplements I would like to review Warrionaire in the making Love and peace and praise GOD

  39. I call my routine the Spartan Monk.

    -Wake up at sunrise in workout clothes.

    -Out the door and jogging the lake before my eyes are open. I can decide if I want to go to bed once I’m out there. Never do.

    -Jog, sprint, climb, push, pull, crunch, and just be an animal outside for 30 minutes until exhausted.

    -Jump into pool.


    -6 Eggs and a cup of coffee. Fuel, man.

    -Read and write during breakfast.

    -THEN, start getting ready. Don’t touch the phone until now.

    Do good, be great buddy.

  40. I was so excited about starting this I doused my head in cold water with lemon and vinegar… Then I read the rest that sai to DRINK the lemon and vinegar! Oh well I just discovered a new cure for bags under my eyes LOL

  41. Hey Preston!
    You are a really funny, yet encouraging individual, you keep me laughing! Thanks for sharing, we are also taking supplements (ages 50+), will you share yours, I counted 42+/-. The best part is giving God, the Creator Thanks, Praise & Honor daily!!

  42. Julio S. May 14, 2015 Reply

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

    One of my morning little prayers:

    “Heavenly Father, I will reason, I will Will, I will Act, but guide Thou my reason, will and activity to the right thing I should do”

    [Paramahansa Yogananda]

    Other Morning Supplements:

    Cayenne Pepper__40,000 Heat Units
    {Good for the heart}—[some say it even prevents prostrate cancer]

    Also good for the heart

    Anyway…Many Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences..

    To Your Unlimited Success

    Former real estate appraiser
    Aspiring to be a real estate investor

  43. sac à main chanel August 10, 2015 Reply

    La pendaison, c’est plutôt anglais comme méthode. Nous, nous coupons plus volontiers les têtes (c’est plus facile de les promener ensuite au bout des piques)…
    sac à main chanel

  44. what are neuro-supplements that you take?

  45. nevermind you answered it earlier, thanks!

  46. First time reader, and you have a new regular follower mate.

    Love your Warriornaire routine. It’s very similar to mine.

    Thanks for the organic coffee tip, as i’ve taken it out of my routine for “health reasons” and oh how i’ve missed the sweet taste and aroma in the morning.

    I have the same morning drink with a couple of additions – coconut oil, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and tumeric. Their motabolism kick and anti-inflammatory benefits have been incredible for me.

    Let us know when you plan to visit Australia champ.

  47. Dan Anderson November 7, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Preston for that food for thought on steroids! You are always there for support.We all need support. I am close to getting a deal.Funding a big issue not to many people really explain. I mean there is strategy where you can structure your deal for no money down. But it takes a lot of marketing.I can’t count the deals that fell through after a ton of research and hard work for me and my team. Time to move on to the next one, Dan Anderson

  48. I love that you are a believer and read the Bible every morning. I unfortunately have gotten away from doing that because I’m always rushing off to work. However you have encouraged me to try and make the time to get back to it. I just downloaded it to my phone through the app. here on your blog.
    I would also like to be able to start wholesaling. But am kind of overwhelmed with it. Do I find properties first or cash buyers first? How do I fund my first deal? Hoping to figure it all out soon. I’ve been praying about it but still am overwhelmed.
    Thank you Preston

  49. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for sharing your your morning routine. Your a funny guy. It was a good read. I’m gonna try the vinegar thing and a few others. Sticking with my warm showers brother. Have a great one

  50. This blog was very inspiring. I enjoyed reading it. I know you can’t tell but i appreciate all of your emails.I jst have it all bookmarked for future references. I feel stuck right now.

  51. JoAnne Nowlan March 15, 2016 Reply

    Wow! I was informed from my neurologist my back pretty much needed a haul over. I opt. for lazer surgery than regular hearing people end up paralized and my whole life besides centered around our Father in Heaven has been about staying healthy and before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which I feel the medication just did more harm than help and learned researching healing my health nutritiously , does, so I have been on aisdion not only to heal myself/my down spiraling health nutritiously, and upgrading in gaining the secrets of pulling in income so my family and me that continue to struggle keep from drowning, as these, especially food prices are going up, that made a vow I successfully pull my family and me out of this maze, how people including an ordinary person we all are comes down to get those bills/the rent paid/ take care of the necessary, I’m on Craigslist and eBay selling all I can, I get out of this maze make a comfortable income,my daughter so wants to get to do enjoy what rich kids get to do and the cool clothes they get to wear, as does my son, how I want to provide for them have a nice life too instead of us always continue struggle as ordinary people, cause des0ite my health there is a wealth of “God here I am ready to go tackle first where your plans or on your strategic board you have me placed and I know that includes taking care of my family and me and then following through remembering You God are the center and only all good things I stay on your path listening to you, as on the list is gathering people open up a building for youth at risk youth are so called but truth is when you have nothing to lose or continue to struggle, than the gang with profit no matter what it is is lureing to bottomline not have to struggle anymore, let alone their families, but it helps for youth in this struggle provided resources as with the Boys And Girls Club, to have the opportunities rich youth have get to be on a soccer league, go to the beach chill out have fun activities to do instead of choosing the gang to choose ‘life’ as I say it so too a struggling parent, not of my choice, but, as there is a race and I have a broken leg,but still I have my family to provide for take care of including myself, so I must and mostly for my children’s sake and first with our Father in Heaven guidance and stay on His path, as He will provide,that as pulling in a good sum of profit to give this avenue to other ordinary people keep from drowning especially those innocent children just want to like the opportunities rich kids get to have the things they get to do the clothes they get to wear, that families struggling also have these avenues and so their youth and them get to finally live as I say. But I am seeking help not a handout but handup to be successful in being an investor especially energy efficient houses, as buying and selling houses with solar panels. Thank you for your time and your appreciated help. Also you and if you know of inerested investors or people you have associated with, that I am and with the help of others about buying a building for a center for youth just want to have the opportunities as youth who are lucky for their families incoming income to do the vast things they can and with their families, but need more people helping with aquiring a building so youth have a place similar as Boys And Girls Club, but. a center for youth as a positive safe place to hang out and beneficial help with tutoring and get to go to the beautiful majestic mountains experience nature at it best, never or their families to have the funds so not the opportunities to finally ‘live’. Thank you for your time.

  52. Emile Hayes March 18, 2016 Reply

    You know. May not be the warrinaiore You are but I am a Buddhist monk that has many different traits. And for someone who has been cut open 6 times, blood clots in both legs, 11 kidney renal failures,no gall bladder. The only thing I cannot do is show off my abs like some I can still do a full split and a round house kick. I very alive. So don’t count me out. Just can’t buy all the goodies you have!

  53. That sounds awsome can’t Waite to afford that routine!

  54. Whew! I shudder to think of what your afternoons and evenings are like.
    So, I haven’t heard from you in several days. I guess I didn’t meet your mentoring criteria! Bummer! No cranky old men – I get it.

  55. Alejandro March 25, 2016 Reply

    Sounds like a great way to start the day! I would just change MMA for boxing.