Love Is The Answer: Except When Murder Is The Answer … But That’s Rare

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new articles so, first of all, my apologies. Unlike most writers and bloggers I’m normally busy making actual money.

But for your sake, here I am … back and blogging for your personal benefit.

Hhmmm … what should I blog about today?

Better question: “What’s making me angry right now?”

That should be easy. Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was born with a golden sword of righteous indignation. In my mouth.

Let me just make a quick list of things that are currently arousing my wrath, and then I’ll pick the best one to rant about:

–       Political corruption

–       Everything on TV besides Shark Tank

–       This planet in general

–       Bob Costas

–       My wife’s rat that she swears is a dog but there’s no way

–       The FDA

–       The FTC

–       The IRS

–       The DOE

–       ABC

–       C3P0


–       Every governmental and non-governmental agency with three letters or any letters

–       Gluten

–       Communism

–       This blog post so far

–       God (I love him, but he’s making me angry lately)

–       Miley Cyrus

I think I want to blog about love.

We need to all love each other more. Wouldn’t that fix everything?

No three-letter government agencies would exist.

I’d be able to watch TV without losing hope in the human race.

C3PO wouldn’t be such a racist wussbag.

“There is no stupidity in love” as the bible says, so Miley Cyrus would have to get a job as a cashier at a strip club because no one would be stupid enough to buy her crap records.

Ahh … “progress.”  *sigh* Thank you Miley. I was afraid we
were getting one step farther AWAY from hell as a society
there for a minute. We are on track apparently.  

I wouldn’t talk bad about degenerate recording artists (not even inside sentences where I’m saying I won’t do it).

The list is endless.

I have this one friend who loves animals and hates all humans. They say to choose your friends wisely, which I usually do, but … I don’t know … I may have dropped the ball on this one.

When I ask this friend why he hates people so much he says, “because they’re so stupid.” Then he lists all the stupid stuff they do. I usually just listen, but this last time I finally had to stop him and state the obvious:

“Dude, I agree … humans are evil and do stupid stuff. But you are human too. You do the same things just in a different way.”

He was speechless. It was as if he’d never contemplated his own imperfections and humanity before.

Me personally I meditate on my imperfections once every 17 seconds or so. So the fact that he had never thought about his once in 40 years??? I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was a little envious. No wonder he was so freakin happy all the time.

Here’s my point: People suck. There’s no way around that. But you suck too. And knowing that should make it easier for you to accept other people’s b.s. and love them anyway.

And to the degree you don’t think you suck? You’re a narcissist.

Let’s do an exercise real quick.

Close your eyes and imagine a planet with 7 billion psychotic human beings residing on it who all think that they are wisdom personified and that the other 6.999999 billion people are stupid and insane. Now open your eyes and realize that you are actually living on that planet.

You’re sitting there thinking everyone else is stupid and crazy, and they’re all thinking the exact same thing about you!

Thinking you are something when you are nothing is the hallmark of insanity. And we are all nothing.

If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, that man deceives himself.”


Let’s do another exercise.

Close your eyes and imagine that same planet full of psychos, but on this planet they know they’re psychos. So instead of judging the other psychos (which makes no logical sense) they empathize with them and therefore love them. This love miraculously makes everyone feel better and a little less crazy.

I want to live on that planet. This one is currently making me angry as you can see from the list above.

Hug the person closest to you for no reason and leave a comment below telling me what happened. I dare you.

My wife’s undercover rat is lying next to me. “Come here dog …”


Book Recommendation Of The Week: Everyone’s Normal Until You Get To Know Them by John Ortberg

Ancient Wisdom To Memorize: “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Mental Input To Download & Put On Repeat: I love people.

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94 Comments on "Love Is The Answer: Except When Murder Is The Answer … But That’s Rare"

  1. Preston Ely February 27, 2014 Reply

    So I hugged the rat – I mean dog – closest to me and it bit me. But I choose to not kick it as I normally usually don’t. I choose love. xoxo

  2. Well it is people that love God like I think you do who has to make a difference in this world. The bible says we were made for war. Spiritual. The battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. The bible says that in this world we would have tribulation, but He has overcome that, so we can too. Are we going thru our messes, yes but we have hope in Him who created us in His image to be successful and we will be.
    The bible says that His children, well, We Win.

    Can I get a witness

  3. 🙂 I hugged my husband and he smiled. But then I went to type his response here and he said, “I did not say stop.” So, of course, I went back to hugging him some more.

    Thanks for sharing the “Love” blog! It definitely made me smile.



  4. One more thing. Once we have overcome the spiritual, we take action. Yes, God’s love, Agapee (sacrificial love – unconditional love), not phileo (friendship – based on feelings).

  5. I love God too and count it all joy when I get encouraging messages such as yours.
    But for the Grace of God we are making it in this world and must accentuate the Positive in this Angry Negative World.
    All God made is good and we Humans sure know how to mess it up.
    Just keep your head up in these troubled times.
    Love to All

  6. Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that liveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
    Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins
    God is Love.
    God loves you.

  7. We need alot of more love in the world and people like you. My 3year old daughter came out of no where this morning and gave me a hug and a kiss and told me I love you T Nea just after reading your post i couldn’t do anything but smile ,laugh even though im not her aunt im her mom

  8. I like it.It is humorous?

  9. I made their day, they smiled and said thank you

  10. You are a nut!…..but then I never cared for plain and normal people until I reached about 60. Now I prefer them. The nuts make me work too hard.
    I agree with alot of what you said and the dishonesty, lack of personal integrity and morals makes me ill and I’m frightened at what our country has become. I’ve never wanted to live in Russia.
    Like you, I don’t watch much TV. I can’t handle the language and the idioticy ….. haven’t been in a theatre since 1985 and “Out of Africa”. I watch all the old movies which we were
    too poor to go see when I was a kid, plus HGTV and that’s about it.
    Different than you. I trusted every body and believed them to be honest business people like I am…..and those who
    wanted to teach me and make me rich…. until I frittered away and lost almost all my money. I wanted so badly to learn.
    I’ve always believed that all we will take with us when we leave
    this earth, is what’s between our ears and I intend to take a bunch!
    I still love my fellow man. I just stay away from them as much as possible.
    Thanks for reminding me. I just hugged my best friends—my two dogs.
    I’m glad you love me. I love you,too,son.

  11. Preston, that was excellent and so true, I love you back Thanks Syd





  13. Give God the praise and the glory.

  14. Love is the only answer! Get under the lead of a prophet. Www. Tom Deckard is the end time prophet. We are in the end times, wake up world& choose Love

  15. john Elliott February 28, 2014 Reply

    I totally feel your pain only I,m broke with four kids/adolescents,30 horses, & two struggling businesses ones 12 years n existence dealing with people and the ever changing laws of our corporate ran government it sucks no wonder why people commit suicide. Please Help have a good day

  16. I am new to your blog, but I agree…ee can all do a better job of loving each other…but what can I do when that half-breed in the White House pisses me off one more time with another stupid comment or a new give away that I know I will have to pay for into perpetually?

  17. Paul Fruend February 28, 2014 Reply

    Most people don’t know what real love is. If you ask them why they love somebody, you will get back almost all selfish reasons. (Check it out.) When those selfish things no longer apply, they don’t love them anymore. That’s not love, that’s just getting what you want. Real LOVE has more to do with an unconditional real CARE for each other, that exspects nothing in return. What a world this would be if we could love each other like that. That will only really happen when we get to heaven. Love is a verb. not a feeling.

  18. William R J Nicholson February 28, 2014 Reply

    Thx Preston ! I heartily agree that you suck , and as far as what goes with me …. Yes , I reluctantly agree I suck too ! I just will have to practice so I can catch up with you. Now that we’ve got that settled can we get some money into peoples pockets ? I only know about 1 job started that has a long term future. That job is one one started by our current naked emperor. He hired a guy to clean all the mirrors in the white house. It seems someone is always kissing their own reflection in the mirrors and the job is needed on a 24/7 365 days per year basis since the emperor strutted into the white house. Let’s all get busy and make some dough , I’ll see you down the road ……. Be Happy Anyways , You’ll Have A Great Day When You No Longer Have Dweeb Friends Like Me , Right ?
    Nick ………….

  19. Rhonda Thompson February 28, 2014 Reply

    Yes we must love as god has instructed us to do so inspite of. all that BS. Love vs. Murder my answer love is the greastest gift on this earth ps. It really feels good I still want to receive it and too give it have a beautiful day and think God and think Love

  20. Hugged my son, he smiled & laugh after I explained why. We are all flawed with imperfections, so lets just accept & love one another.

  21. we all need to love one another because God first loved us. we need to focus pn God not ourselves.

  22. my comments is I love every one you know why the bible said if we don’t love one another we don’t love god and I love god so I love every one some times you don’t hate no one you just hate what that person do that is wrong so if you belive in god e have to love one another

  23. Lol, where’s the address to THAT planet dude?

  24. I chose love, and wars to induce love…

  25. Barrett Metzler February 28, 2014 Reply

    I don’t pay enough attention to anyone else, so I don’t care what they are like.
    I spend one night a week teaching a college course and that gives me enough “other people interaction” to satisfy my needs.
    Beyond that, I nod to people at stores (most of them look at me weird.) and continue on my way.
    Without any friends, I can’t possibly make any enemies.

  26. I really think your message is right on time. You gave me inspiration to comment on your blog. Actually, makes me want to have my own blog to rant! Lol!
    Speaking of hugging, it is one of my favorite things to do. Nothing can create a smile and comfort feeling as that single action. Speaking of love, it is the single most misused word in the English language (probably every language). You have created a time to really contemplate the true meaning.
    We as American’s should band together to show the world and our own government who we ARE! Your post speaks clearly for people to “Think already”! I hope we do not allow that ability to be taken away.
    Preston, your blog has spoke to many who say “ditto”. I am with you on these thoughts. Your list really hit on some common, shall we say, AILMENTS! I would like to add two more to that list if I may. One: I am so burdened by a president that seems to want our nation divided. I am from the south. This is total B. S.! I mean he lived in Hawaii for heaven sake. I think he was in the Middle East a while and lived in Chicago. So what does he even know? I am 50 and have witnessed much division. We are all people created by the same God! We just can’t let this happen! As for the people who thrive on strife, so sorry for you! The second: I am tired of hearing how we could have come from aliens. Well, I am made in the image of God! Who by the way, is not an alien!
    I have said my peace and I am thankful for your blog! Unite with love is my message! Hugs help!

  27. Donald Michalski February 28, 2014 Reply

    The Golden Rule WHOEVER HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES OR LAWS however you look at it !

  28. Adolphus B. Goodluck February 28, 2014 Reply

    Statement of the year – Everyone`s is Normal until you get to know them. This is what I call -hitting the hammer on the nail.
    Way to go Bro. Goody.

  29. Michael S. Rathbun, Sr. February 28, 2014 Reply

    Well said, Preston, in your own inimitable, unique, unorthodox, attention grabbing delivery!

    God is Spirit – God is Love – God is the Spirit of Love! He is the Light of the World!

    We are His Light and it is up to us to lead all those to the light from their darkness! It is not their fault, but that of the dark one – Satan!
    Darkness is the absence of Light! Share His Love as Light!

  30. Preston,
    Your mind never ceases to amaze me lol! Thank you for the inspiration! I have a rat too lol.

  31. You are really weird and yet brilliant 🙂 I love you too!

  32. When I read this article, I was riding in the car with my mom. Who was driving, so a hug was not practical. However, I shared some highlights about what you said with her and we both got a great laugh. Thank you for spreading love AND laughter. God loves laughter. Personally I think he has the most wicked sense of humor ever. I guess He would have to with all these crazies running around His planet.

  33. Petra Bonilla February 28, 2014 Reply

    I agree with you , but do I let the anger get to me … no no no, I choose to love and always will choose love… love with a gentle touch and soft break anger and any negative thoughts.

  34. Les Schwartz February 28, 2014 Reply

    Preston that is awesome! Thankyou for the blogging!!

  35. I do love

  36. Oh, I definitely lost any illusions that I was anything more than human like all the rest around me. How did I do that? By acting so stupid that it removed all doubt.
    Just one more question can JC really make me smarter?

  37. I live because He live in my heart. The HOLY SPIRIT it´s promise mankind on, when he came we dress your dresser, when your presence are with us, come victory where put the hands on. Although Victorian Period is now on the earth, famine, corruption, striping, children selling, woman rubbish selling corps, what´s reliable ? the money, dollars, or you.. your heart.
    I have a device lighten the life people, black and white, all races on the earth. So the spirit God´s will give the donation the day or God´s moment for do it..
    Who love you? lift up heart ? or mercy for the people. Do you love the people or you are Yankee money´s loving.
    I respect you and love you because God´s said commandment.
    Thanks very much.

  38. Love is the Answer, the most powerful word in the universe.

    The wary to go Preston Fly.

  39. Preston, You are the one and only, totally unique, one of a kind, hilarious, insanely, dead on,accurate portrayer(is that a word?) of devious humans,that ever walked the earth. I am still trying to find one descriptive, governmental agency, you blogged on here about that I disagree with you on, but I cannot. I can!t stand the parasitical government that all of us entrepreneurs have to support with our time, talents and tax money. I loved it in the sixties and seventies when there were very few people who worked for the government and those that did were true public servants. People still had honor, integrity, respect and morals. We are living in a time, again, when freeing Barabbas and crucifying Jesus, for the dictator of the land is commonplace and actually admired and rewarded. Keep fighting the fight of good with your sarcastic, never ending wit and humor. You always make me laugh with all your humorous writings that are all based on true facts. You are truly an inspiration to everyone both young and older.(and don!t forget, Miley Cyrus doesn!t care what she does because she!s always got Daddy and auntie Dolly Parton to fall back on for her parachute. Tons of huggggssss and xoxoxo to you and all those around you. 🙂

  40. I painted a verbal picture for friends once. You are an adult, bored with the cleanest of records. You own some action figures and one day when you told them to, they came to life. You tell them who you are and that they should be thankful and be good.
    Now suppose they on their first day, learn almost everything and breed many.On day two while you are in the next room on the phone you overhear them collectively saying that you are not real and they don’t have to be good. What would day three hold? What do you do?
    I love ya’ll, Jesus, and GOD. As for our problems,pray on them, work on them, but first admit that they are.

    bugging me, politics getting in the way of practical solutions. Budget government supplies:sometimes the dollar store, Child misbehaving at home or school-Using love,and other strategies- take them to the paddle or do what one must short of damaging physically or mentally with intent. Not much more would need to be done to improve grades, bullying, behaviors, the streets, and the future.

  41. All is well. I like the 17 second meditation, it reminds me of my perfection.
    We only have NOW, NOW, NOW. Got the point? Others don’t make us anything, it is our choice to think the way we think. Not their responsibility to show us the way to think. We can have pain in the present but misery comes from the past or a projection of what is to come.
    Do the best to think JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE. All is well. Live well now. The future takes care of us all.


  42. I must admit, I vacillated about reading your email based on the subject line. I knew that I had been interested in your information in the past, so I didn’t delete it — I just let it sit for another day and then, while thinking about how if I were a man, I would probably not open and read it, because of the subject line, once I did, your link title amused me enough to intrigue me! So, here I am! I have completely read your blog and frankly not only do I agree, but I think it bears re-reading and passing on, because like your friend, I often say — out loud, especially while driving — that “I hate people because they’re so stupid!!!”
    I think your perspective on this was a sermon in and of itself! I, too love God, and can relate to also being angry with and often perplexed by His decision to create certain people (such as evil, lazy, greedy and entitled types), and things (such as spiders and snakes), and I know in my heart that in so many ways, I feel superior, having been blessed by intelligence, an ability to think with rational thought process, and sincere care for the good of those who come after me.
    So, reading your thoughts on how everyone else feels the same way, and loving them in spite of it, is a really high road reminder of what God has told us all along!
    Thank you for that! I intend to share!
    (By the way, I read and write this while snuggling with dogs I also used to consider “rats”, until my daughter insisted on getting not one, but two, and the second one in particular, has turned me into one of “them”, those people who love love love these little doglike creatures!! He is the most beloved dog I have ever had!!! Of course, on the other side of me, is my 125 pound Great Dane, who also owns a part of my heart! Love that little rat, look deep into its eyes — you, too will fall prey!)

  43. Well that’s all interesting. Love is a good concept even in crazy world. Don’t you wish that if you had nothing to talk about or blog about You could comfortably just say nothing or I’m busy working and you should be too. I have nothing to talk about today, please have a nice day. Catch up with me tomorrow if there is something significant I want to share, then I’ll get back to you. It’s kinda like having to pretend you’re working when you’ve gotten everything done at the office and it’s only Tuesday! You feel obligated to fill the space with something because you have committed to it and someone might call you on it if they see you aren’t writing in it. But for what it’s worth you’ve filled the space with something to think about.

  44. Joshua Diaz March 1, 2014 Reply


    Yes!! Thank you!

  45. Joe Callaham March 2, 2014 Reply

    I Love you too man, and you suck, but I still love ya, stay crazy, Let’s do lunch! J.C.(the Golden1)

  46. Desiree Moeller March 2, 2014 Reply

    I volunteer 20+ hours at a not for profit organization, so after reading this I hugged the Director of Art In Education. He looked down at me (I’m short) and hugged me back saying he needed a little love today. I’m so grateful to God for giving us the capacity to love others. I’m also grateful for wonderful inspiring people like yourself. I “love” your can-do attitude.

  47. Preston, Money sure makes you say a mouthful!!!!! Unfortunately, hugging a rat (dog) or even love doesn’t put food on the table, or pay your bills. You have to be born lucky!!!! Or let’s face it, you need a financial push from someone, when you have “ZERO” TO YOUR NAME!!! Well I will agree with one thing, TALK IS CHEAP…… Thanks for all your L_O_V_E!!!…..

  48. just remember, every moment is a new moment to start fresh. Not a do over, but Do!

  49. Frances Dougherty March 4, 2014 Reply


    I must admit that it has taking many many, many long years to become a mature Christian and to love everyone including a few people I have hated in the past. It has taken me a while to love my neighbor as myself, especially since I have a neighbor who steals from the outside of my property and placed it on his, or who has taken my plants and plant them in his yard.

    I really wanted to do him harm, but now I pray for the entire human race including my neighbor. We have all come short of God’s glory, including me, and I am just thankful that I am still here in this world, and hope that my living will not be in vain.

    Thanks Preston for reminding all of us, that Love in everything amd can change the world.

  50. King Al'Fred March 14, 2014 Reply

    Greetings, may I ask, what is the most important thing in life to you?
    It does’nt matter how much one has, or how little one has. The most important thing in life is how we treat one another while we are here.

    Al’Fred S. Scarcelli

  51. Clinton R April 4, 2014 Reply

    Your crazy Preston, lmao, crazy smart #. Keep it coming man.

  52. I once read … money cant buy you happiness…. well that bs. Because a lot of money provides you the time to find happiness without being worried when you need to clock in.

  53. Johnf152 June 8, 2014 Reply

    Happy to become one of several customer for this wonder inspiring site D. dcfedgcaeeek

  54. I stumbled on your blog, and I am enjoying it. You and I think alike. When I was a child, I once said that someone was “crazy”, and my father heard me, and said to me, “well, child, everybody’s a little crazy”. And from that time on, I’ve been fascinated by people and by this thing called LIFE. I learned that when you point a finger, there are 4our more pointing back at you! As Mother Teresa said it too: “Let us not forget that we are dealing with our brothers and sisters. That leper, that sick person, that drunk, are all our brothers and sisters. They too, have been created by a greater LOVE” (emphasis mine). I don’t know when you wrote this, but I am reading it today, and it’s right on time. Because today I have made a personal commitment to non-violence and to a conscious choice to love.

    Blessings and keep on keepin’ on, Dude!!

  55. Great arleitc, thank you again for writing.

  56. It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides prmgsatiadc solutions.

  57. Teresa Taylor October 27, 2015 Reply

    Hey Preston,how are you today? Me,I’m well.I don’t know if you want to be friends,& sell me something. But I like your points.
    Your Friend,

  58. Addie Taboada July 15, 2016 Reply

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