How To Persevere Through Pain When You’d Much Rather Quit Everything & Start A Meth Lab

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere in spite of overwhelming obstacles.


I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.


“Man, something’s not right. I can’t feel my left leg. I can’t move it.”

I had just regained consciousness and immediately knew something was wrong. Very wrong.

This was supposed to have been a simple orthoscopic laser surgery to reduce some inflammation in my lower back.

“You’ll be in and out the same day and you will walk out feeling fine,” the surgeon had promised me.

As it turned out I was in and out the same week and wheeled out feeling like I wished it was legal to murder surgeons.

For the next few months I had no access to any of the muscles in my left leg. No amount of screaming at it and commanding it to move generated any obedience from it whatsoever. I even tried threatening it with amputation, but it just stared at me daringly. If you’ve ever had an insubordinate limb you know what I’m talking about. Maddening, but I was impressed with its resolve to destroy me.

Through extensive physical therapy I got a good amount of the muscle control back, but not without permanent nerve damage that left me with numbness in my feet and calves and even worse pain in my lower back than I had prior to the procedure.

That was five years ago (before I knew better than to consult with knife-happy surgeons about anything besides “how to get rich and dangerous with nothing but a degree and a scalpel”).

Fast forward to today …

Despite trying … oh, I don’t know … about 79 different types of exotic therapies, supplements, miracle prayer helplines and medical procedures – yes, including imported Japanese placenta extract injections – the pain and numbness haven’t gone anywhere. It’s actually become debilitatingly worse.

This traumatic experience raped my life of everything that previously brought me joy and pleasure.

I have to exercise, stretch, and do therapy 3-4 hours a day just to feel bad as opposed to God-awful.

I can’t run, jump, exercise at the level of intensity I used to, practice mixed martial arts (my favorite thing on earth), pursue a particular dream I had that I won’t mention here, travel extensively, have crazy sex, etc.

Now … let’s just stop right here and ask an obvious question …

What good is life without crazy sex?

Ever wonder that? I hope you never have to.

For all intents and purposes, I’m crippled. I can’t even sit down for more than an hour or two at a time; it’s too painful. I work half the day from my bed lying down. True, the bed happens to be perched in an embarrassingly large room with a spacious view of the ocean, but still … it sucks. I’d trade a healthy back for a chair in an embarrassingly small home office with a limited view of a trailer park any day.

[Private Prayer To God As I Type That Last Sentence: God, please give me a minute to think that through before testing me with it … … … … …
Ok, I’ve thought it through. I’ll trade it for a triple wide with a pond view. Amen.]

There is not a day I wake up that I don’t have to fight to keep an attitude that even remotely resembles something a casual observer might consider positive. And fight I definitely do.

But pain is my constant companion.


Here’s the reason I’m telling you this depressing stuff that you may not have known about me and are maybe wishing it had stayed that way …

In these past five horrible years that have sucked worse than anything that could possibly suck (for me anyway … I know some of my readers and fellow earthlings are going through much worse), I have done the following:

– Launched a multi-million dollar software company
– Founded a social networking site for real estate investors
– Created 9 new products in multiple niches
– Produced an infomercial
– Opened and built the largest Anytime Fitness gym in the United States
– Recorded an entire music album with the help of Atlantic records
– Found my soul mate and married her
– Won 2 Emmy awards for a documentary I helped produce
– Began writing a book that you will see in bookstores soon
– Started an orphanage and charity in the Dominican Republic (feel free to help us out …
– Had articles published by Success Magazine
– etc.

There are a lot of lessons this experience has taught me that I could pass on to you, but the one I feel led to share is this …

It is not enough to simply endure hard times*. We must persevere through them.

There’s a difference.

“I will persevere until the whole world worships this apple …”

Enduring means holding our ground and staying the same in the face of pain. It’s merely weathering the storm.

Persevering implies gaining ground and improving in the face of that same pain. Not just improving spiritually (which you would have to try hard NOT to do) but vocationally as well.

To endure is to not lose heart or life.

To persevere is to ENLARGE your heart and life.

We have three choices when faced with adversity:

1. Retreat

Retreating is easy. Just throw up your hands, say “oh well … I tried,” give up, and commence your favorite self-destructive activity (have an affair, try out some different street drugs, become a raging alcoholic, open up an appliance store, kill yourself, etc.).

I’m quitting the business today. I’m going to open up an appliance store, I’ve always really been into toasters. I’m giving it all up.

– DANE COOK, comedian

2. Endure

Enduring is a little harder, but not much. Instead of self-destructing, just stop trying so hard. Put your mission on pause. Seek comfort in any way you can. Hunker down. Show up physically but check out mentally. Watch a lot of TV, and drink just enough alcohol to stay comfortably numb.

“Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we [the common man] endure the operation of life.”


3. Persevere

Persevering is the way of the warrior. It is counterintuitive, painful, and not fun. It requires enormous amounts of energy, which, if we’ve been living right during the easy times, we will have stored up in abundance.

Persevering means marching onward and upward towards the goal of our life’s mission despite the contrary wind and acid rain and bowling ball sized hailstones and lighting bolts striking us in the eyes.

We do not abort our mission just because some stupid lightning bolt happens to strike us in the eye.

We say, “Wow. That sucked. But at least that will probably never happen again in my lifetime,” and then we keep it movin. And when we get struck with another one in the opposite eye we say the same thing. At this point we are blind and need a seeing eye dog, so we get that dog and keep it movin.

Keep moving.

“The less you move, the less you are able to move.”


The following few insights will help you persevere through pain instead of hunting down your local meth dealer and breaking bad. This is far from comprehensive, but this post is already too dang long:

7 Keys to Persevering Through Pain 

1. Understand that intense suffering comes to most human beings in WAVES throughout their lives.In most cases it comes and goes. You may feel like it’s here to stay, but it’s probably not. This woman in the mountains knows what I’m talking about …

The wave is here to wash away your weakness. Stop acting surprised.

2. There is purpose to your suffering, and it is no accident you’re experiencing it.

Pain brings you to the end of yourself. It crushes your pride and shatters the illusion of control and self-sufficiency.You thought you were your own god. You were wrong. You need God and other people. This is your chance to reconnect with Reality. Make the most of it.

3. Realize that if you keep pushing through the pain you will eventually come out the other side a spiritual BEAST.

Suffering is a boot camp for your soul. You absolutely positively must see your pain as a divine trial cosmically designed to strengthen and prepare you for things that lay ahead you cannot see yet.

Framing the pain in this way will make it easier to get through without cursing God and punching your cat in the face. Every day.

4. What you do during your seasonal pain wave will determine what your life looks like in the aftermath.

If you retreat, your wave is here to stay and there will be no aftermath. Sharks will come into your wave, bite you, and make you their shark slave. Sharks are super racist btw. I don’t know if you knew that or not. They think they’re superior for some reason. Hence their leader’s name, Great Whitey.

If you merely endure, your life will look similar to what it looked like before but a little grayer. You’ve missed a great opportunity to grow, and deep down you know it.

But if you persevere – if you keep marching on in obedience to your life’s mission – your world will transform into something so incredibly amazing that you will look back and thank God for every second of your suffering no matter how bad it was.

5. Persevering normally shortens your season of suffering. Period.

6. The longer and more intense your season of suffering the greater you and your life will be on the other side … IF – and that is a big IF – you persevere.

7. Watch this video once a day. For the rest of your life.

Let me be perfectly clear here. Everything I have said about the rewards of perseverance applies strictly to those on the hero’s journey. This is for warriors only. If you weren’t on the path of most resistance prior to your suffering then unfortunately you don’t have much hope. The only purpose your suffering serves is to get you on the path in the first place. The sooner you do the better.

Me personally, I’m still in a season of fairly intense suffering. But I know it won’t last. I have not given up and never will. I mean … it’s been five years. You probably never knew the extent of it until I just told you, right? Model that.

I encourage YOU, if you are going through hard times, to persevere. If nothing else, think rationally … you’re going to go through hell no matter what. You may as well persevere, right?  Anything less will just prolong your pain and leave you worse off in the long run.

And if you’re sitting there scratching your head going, “man, what is this guy’s problem? I’ve never suffered anything too bad. He must be attracting this to himself.”

First, punch yourself in the face. Second, I’d be more concerned if I was you than the guy reading this with full empathy. To be exempt from suffering in this life is not a good sign.

Anyone out there been through tough times and have some perseverance tips?  Leave a comment below.  No lame “my sob story is worse than your sob story” comments please. If anything give me a “my VICTORY story is better than your victory story” comment.

And before you do what I think you’re going to do – give me your amazing advice on how to heal my back – please review the following list of procedures I’ve tried (all from world class healers of course) just off the top of my head …

– chiropractic (probably 10 different chiropractors.  All professional sports team docs)
– osteopathy (unfortunately I found out about this a little too late – after my surgery. The best in the world is Keith Pyne at This would have healed me for sure had I known about it.)
– massage
– acupuncture
– inversion therapy (I hung upside down like Batman every day for a year)
– $5,000 high-tech traction programs (re-herniated my back – thanks doc!)
– Yoga (HIGHLY don’t recommend.
– Psychotherapy (maybe its all in my head?)
– Physical Therapy from every incompetent Physical therapist I could possibly find (and I found them all apparently).
– Physical therapy from the best physical therapist in the world (Ben Velasquez at … if I would have found him prior to my laser debacle you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. Or you would but it would be about something much funner)
– The “Med-X” Machine
– hydrotherapy
– Cold laser therapy
– hot laser therapy
– Star Trek laser therapy (kidding)
– music/color/vibrational therapy (don’t ask.  Lol. But if you ask me I’ll tell you.)
– anti-inflammatories (ALL of them. Herbal and medicinal.)
– countless different herbs and supplements
– Rolfing
– Cortisone Shots
– foam rollers
– Regenokine Injections
– Human Placenta Extract Injections
– human growth hormone
– Facet Blocks
– Nerve Ablasions
– 2 hip arthrograms
– hyperbaric chamber sessions
– “Miracle” healing prayer lines at multiple tent revivals (I wish I was kidding)
– tens units
– Kinesio Back Tape
– Ice Therapy
– Heat Therapy
– Room Temperature Therapy
– (did you really just read through that last one?)
– ART (Active Release Therapy)
– lumbar decompression surgery
– Epson salt baths
– ice baths
– Hypnotization
– The Egosque Method (which admittedly helped a little and would have probably healed me completely had I not been so stupid in getting that laser surgery)
– Core strengthening
– Daily walking and exercising
– regular stretching
– myofascial stretching
– years of visualization and positive affirmations
– ________________________________ (fill in the blank with your idea in a comment below. If it heals me I’ll give you $100,000. Consider that a binding legal agreement.)

And don’t forget to click the Facebook and Twitter icons to share the love with your friends!


* “Hard times” could be physical pain like mine, psycholigical illness, divorce, financial strain, loss of a loved one … anything that makes you feel like ripping your face off, gluing it back on and ripping it off again, over and over and over, for any significant period of time


Book Recommendation Of The Week: The Problem of Pain  C.S. Lewis

Ancient Wisdom To Memorize: You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

Mental Input To Download & Put On Repeat: I always persevere.

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74 Comments on "How To Persevere Through Pain When You’d Much Rather Quit Everything & Start A Meth Lab"

  1. Nice and thank you dude.

    I saw one of your talks on youtube, it was really enlightening.

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  2. It is likely you already tried this if it is considered under a category you already named but I think medical cannabis could potentially heal this circumstance. There are many medicinal benefits of it but most people close their mind to medical cannabis because they are completely misinformed of the herb and think THC is the compound in it when there are so many more active cannabinoids in the plant. To name one, CBD reliefs inflammation, muscle spasms, insomnia, and anxiety. There are over 80 active cannabinoids and our human body has a receptor for each. I hope this helps!!!

  3. Susan Vizvary December 3, 2013 Reply

    Just a thought since one of these massage shops has opened by my store. Reflexology Foot Massage – below is a link to some information.

  4. Maybe you should try the EFT Method. Gary Craig is the Founder of EFT. Here is the link

    Just want share my story this past few years.

    I had my daughter since when I was in my teenage years, All I know is to be in my wife and raise my child. But that’s not easy because I’m not yet done in School and I have no job.

    There was a time that I need to stop my school because we Have no money anymore. So I decided to search for extra income which I try the Network Marketing here in the Philippines. Since I don’t have no money to invest, I sold my PSP and my laptop including my wife’s laptop (Inside my mind is like “I will take the risk because I have a dream to be rich”) But it turns nothing. I almost broke out, Don’t know what to do what will happen to my life since my Network Marketing turns bad.

    I just think to myself that this is a lesson for me and I know I can get through with this even though I’m so down. I felt like that I the most unlucky person on earth. So I kept fighting, walking in the path. Having a vision that SOMEDAY I will becoming a Successful Man. I don’t how to get there but I know there will be a opportunity that will be given to me.

    Right now, I’m in the middle of my job which is DO or DIE .

    The only thing that I know that I will keep FIGHTING , Never Give UP and last having a PERSEVERANCE in my heart.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you for this Mr, Preston.

  5. Lee Winters December 3, 2013 Reply

    Hey Preston…thanks for the post! This really encourages me. One Person that can heal your back is Jesus Christ. He paid for your healing at Calvary, 2000 years ago. By His stripes, you were healed!

  6. Quit working and trying so hard to do what Jesus has already done for you.
    Study the Word about healing, attend healing services, learn from the best teachers of the healing power of God … And all the while pray, believe, speak, conceive, and receive.

    Then give a testimonial for Him to your universe of influence.

    You’re crazy inspiring my man. I’m a fan

    Send my 100k here:


  7. Great Article Preston. My good friend had VERY similar back issues for about 6 years and tried what I thought was everything in the book until I read this. He ended up getting a HIP REPLACEMENT… and he’s been back to normal and surfing almost every day since.

    His pain was all back and neck..the problem ended up being a bad right hip. go figure. Best of luck to you buddy

  8. You are a true Warrior! Thank you.

  9. I don’t see twerk therapy on the list. Have you tried twerking?

    Seriously, great article. I am more inspired by the fact that I had no idea of your ordeal till reading this though I have been reading your stuph for over a year.

  10. Wow Preston! Been following you for years …. when you released Freedom Soft the first time is when I got onto you … and anyway,,,never knew this about you!
    So dude! YOu have tried everything known to man!
    As a Christian I would suggest studying everything you can on healing naturally. Jesus came that we may be healed. Kill, steal & destroy is from the other guy!
    So come under that! Hope it’s alright if I provide two resources to start with. Haven’t had personal experience but if I were you I would definitely put your effort on that. Fill your mind with healing scriptures, examples and training and it will happen!
    So check out: Gloria Copelands healing school:
    And Andrew Wommack. He actually has a college you may consider attending but you don’t have to to receive healing.
    Here’s his info.:
    I’ve been watching him for about a year and I just love his attitude with healing as he says to the effect that that’s a cynch for Jesus to heal!
    God bless and prayers are with you!

  11. Robert Jessen December 4, 2013 Reply

    Try super B complex vitamin therapy

  12. You’re an inspiration! Keep up the good work!!!

    As for your back, all you really need to do is…touch the edge of His cloak…and you’ll be healed! Luke 8:43-48

    God bless.

  13. I’ve followed and admired you for years. You have more persistence than Jaws,alien,preditor,king kong and the terminator combined.
    I am the top trainer and dietician in the world. I am the only man in history to play with, train with or consult world champions in every sport.
    I am also the only man to be in 4 professional sports.
    Your philosophy gives you your psychology, your psychology gives you your biology and your biology gives you your physiology.
    Your back problem is a reflection of something you are missing in your spiritual diet.
    You have tried all external remedies that will never work. I have several internal remedies that will work.
    Call me. Mark 214-457-6323

  14. PILATES!

  15. Richard Cinnamon December 4, 2013 Reply

    My wife was in a very bad car accident – lots of ongoing pain from nerve damage – this fellow was hugely instrumental in her near total recovery –

    John Ferreira – in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada – check out his Linked In account –

    When this works out for you, God willing, (which I totally believe He is – maybe this is how is choosing to heal you!?) We look forward to the ‘Referral Reward’
    Bless you, brother –
    In the name of Jesus
    / Richard & Susan :•] 🙂

  16. Anthony Detels December 4, 2013 Reply

    Because we are energy beings along with our physical bodies , I think you would be helped from two places both can be found on YouTube.

    1) Hale Dwoskin ( The Sedona Method )
    2) Dr Darren Weissman

    Increase your water intake.
    Push yourself only into BALANCE


  17. Start vitamin B injections ASAP. I can’t say it will cure you but it should definitely help a lot with the pain. Many people who have been diagnosed with MS and other nerve/muscle related illnesses have actually had a B deficit. You can order them online and give yourself the injections. Believe me, you’ll be shocked by the difference it makes for you.

  18. Richard Cinnamon December 4, 2013 Reply

    Preston – FYI
    John Ferreira 604-944-6002
    Shiatsu Therapy, Pressure Point Therapy & Korean Hand Therapy
    Let him know we sent you
    Richard & Susan Cinnamon

  19. I was in an motorcycle accident,it praralised me.My main Doc. said I’d never get out of bed.I was in different hospitals for 5 mo. I could walk with a walker. After 7 mo rehab.I could walk and talk again.After a year I went back work(I worked on an extruder,a machine that melts plastic and puts it on paper)but I wasn’t as limber as before,so they put me on their other side(the copy paper plant). Where I was janitor. Then they shut our plant down and the search was on,I looked for a job for 2 years and I found one at the Rose Garden(now the Mota Center).I take care of the waste they bring me.I’ve been looking for something more(not a job but I want to be have my own buisness. Jeffrey Elvrum

  20. I also had a trainer in the gym I go to(I belonged to a gym before the accident). Now I lift weights,5 day’s a week and do Zumba about 4.

  21. Great post and so true. Gotta admit I don’t like your “All Seeing Eye” logo but maybe it means something special to you?

    I dig your mindset and I’ve been through a lot myself. Grew up with Stage II Arthritis, blood issues and various other health related challenges. I’ve tried I don’t know how many thousands of dollars worth of supplements from retailers, MLM’s, wellness stores and a variety of organic and nutritional produce stores.

    The only thing that really made a HUGE impact on my well being was to follow a guy who almost died from a heart attack… when he was a teenager! I have followed his methods and have to say it was one of the best things I’ve done in life. His name is Dr. Richard Schulze in California.

    I do follow Yeshua (Jesus), his teachings and the teachings of God in the Holy Bible. I believe that’s where every true healing comes from. But I don’t believe that putting healing thoughts of Twinkies will make the difference people may claim. Everything is internal. Everything is spiritual and of God, except the fallen ones.



    May God continue to guide, be your guide and use you to glorify His name.

  22. James Follensbee December 4, 2013 Reply

    Unbelievable Article and opened my eyes on how well I have it in my life even at the old 78 years I have on my tires. You are a real joy in sending out your messages, Preston. Keep It Up!

    You might try a Kung Fu Master like Sifu Richard Baron located in Highland Park,IL available at with exercises based on Tri Chi and Kung Fu for your physical issues.

    The have been know to work wonders!

    Cheers and all the Best to you!

    James Follensbee

  23. Dawn Bodnar December 4, 2013 Reply

    I Would have to talk to you personally

  24. Lonie Parker December 4, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for info… I needed that..

  25. Try a Lidoderm patch (or 3 cut to fit the shape of your pain). You’ll need a prescription.
    Oh yeah, victory. Lost my wife to a d-bag (or 10), Mom was sick, suffered, and died. I was laid off repeatedly from selling drugs (legally), and a bunch of stuff that this blood blister won’t let me type.
    Perseverance is a work in progress, but I don’t believe in quitting until I’m dead. Learning daily and starting to develop the habit of applying that knowledge in between the banging and clanging of my daughters doing cartwheels while singing and eating quesadilas.

  26. Jon Broadwell December 5, 2013 Reply

    Your persevere through pain has been how I have gotten ahead in life. 2010 changed my life 30 years of doing the same thing, successful at it. However I met an obstacle that took a similar turn like the one you have illustrated. I feel and crushed my heal 7 months in a case to recovery, then I went in for a reteen phisical quite active, my gene have had heart diseases on the male side of my family. So the physical turned out to be quadruple by pass surgery which I took on two weeks after diagnosis. Then the next year the heal was hurting so another 7 months in a cast. I have changed my eating habits for the good, walked, work out constantly. This year since I fell walking to recover I damaged my knee, I just got out of rehab from that surgery. To top all the drama I recovered quickly work missed through all of this 3 year ordeal. Went back to work the next day on the foot problem with a pair of crutches, the heart took 3 weeks total off home in 3 1/2 days from surgery walking the day of surgery, 2nd opening of the foot 2 days, the knee surgery 2 days. So when people tell me about perseverance I fell I know first hand.

    I learn early on i life you have to preserve and indulge may hardships along the way to get a head.

    With that said; the only reason I am extremely interested in what Joe & Peter have to offer. You have the proven model and what you are asking for our steak in the deal sounds pretty good. Lets talk have more questions.
    I work with a friend that we has both persevered our whole ten year. I decided to end my 30 year career to join him and help run one of two of his successful businesses. He went down the road of aerospace and done fairly well. However he is a little sceptical about real estate a I since I still own and he got out of it do to non paying tenants. Till we talk
    Jon Broadwell

  27. Arn Dela Cruz December 5, 2013 Reply

    Hi Preston!

    Two thumbs up for your PERSEVERANCE! You are a true INSPIRATION.

    My Recommendation:
    Abundance of Grace + Gift of Righteousness

    Here’s the book about it & 2 other resource…
    1.) DESTINED TO REIGN by Joseph Prince (Book)

    2.) HEALTH & WHOLENESS Through the Holy Communion
    by Joseph Prince (Book)

    3.)HEALING & WELLNESS – Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan (Manual, CD & DVD)

  28. Sleep in a reclining chair dikhed. Never sleep more than 3-4 hours. Always sleep on your side-not your back or stomach-(if in a reclining chair-stay upright) Do exercise in your bed every 3 hrs while in long periods of bed rest due to pain, eat small meals every 3 hours; never eat large meals (or as least possible) to avoid weight discrepancies and temporary spinal curvature and /or large amounts of undigested food in your body or gas causing pain,discomfort, possible compressed nerves etc…try ingesting caffeine for maximum or near maximum blood flow if it’s not contra indicative to anything else going on w/in your body or it’s health✌️

  29. Just when I thought the grass was greener, there lay huge piles of dog…poop.
    Thanks for letting us see a more humbler/human side of the great and powerful Preston.
    Prayers for your healing.

  30. I was thinking for so long how to reprogram my thought for better , finally I found what I was looking for and I thank you.

  31. Socorro Devora December 5, 2013 Reply

    Preston it’s not easy going thru pain, I’ve been thru a lot of illness had has healed a lot of them. In April of this year I went blind for three and half months I received a word of knowledge from my pastor where The Lord told me he would heel me form blindness. But even then three months later I still couldn’t see, but in my heart I believed and trusted Jesus for my healing and every time I would wake up I would thank Jesus for my healing. And deep down inside my heart I knew what he has promise would come to pass. He thought me to rest in him and to believe his will was to heal me. In the same way he is letting you know your healing is coming, just trust in him and receive your healing. If you allow me ill pray for you . Please let me know

  32. Hey Man, love your humor, spirituality and crazy marketing ideas i’ve been following you for about a year and yeah your headlines do make me want to open the email and see what you are ranting about this time-keep it up! But my thoughts-hopefully helpful would be to loose lbs. With you level of pain I would say loose 30-40lbs (extreme i know but u want results) (you are in shape now but the less your spine has to hold up..the less stress on the discs/vertabrae/nerves. You can do it quickly with the ketogenic/adkins or paleo diet- I know you have heard of these. Secondly you said you get a little progress from working out 3-4hrs…I think this has proven itself to you so I know when my back hurt its usually because I have not worked my abs in a while. Loose weight 1st then add muscle. esp abs and compound leg movements. Keep the faith and i will be praying for your healing. Keep pushing bro!

  33. Richard Barnhart December 5, 2013 Reply


  34. Richard Barnhart December 5, 2013 Reply


  35. LESIE VINSON December 5, 2013 Reply


  36. Steve Hutch December 5, 2013 Reply

    I learned a lot from you Preston-never knew this about you.
    I was somewhat lucky back in the late 70s. Had a serious back problem-First chiropractor made it worse along with my persistence
    to fight thru the pain and keep working. Ended up falling to the floor at work with no mobility. Went to another chiropracter who was better but couldnt help.Had to stop working-After several visits he advised me to see an orthopedic and i visited both of them who confered with each other weekly.Finaly stopped seeing
    chiropractor.Went into hospital in traction-Didnt work. Doctor
    was ready to take me under knife but wanted to try something that was available back then,(Very hard to get this day and age)It is
    a pill they give horses and use to give to football players.It is my understanding that Nick Bunicotti use to get this treatment.The doctor gave me a 3 day supply-after the first day i could get out of bed-the second day i went home-the third day started walking around the block very slowly with baby steps.After 6 days i asked the doc for another supply because it was helping so much.He gave me enough for 1 more day (there is a danger in that it can shut down your kidneys or something). I started healing -Kept walking and using a longer stride -started walking in the sand at the beach -at this point my nerves were damaged and needed time to heal.After i could get around without too much pain i started riding a bike for therapy.I found that riding bike has great healing capabilities. I still ride the bike to keep the pain from coming back.If i get lazy and dont get on the bike the pain starts to come back.After that ordeal i went back to work in about 3 months.Had to be really careful and still had flareups for the next year but after that and learning that i need to ride bike to keep myself going its been 35 years mostly pain free except for the little pain you go thru as you get older. The name of that little red pill is (spelling might be wrong) BUTAZOLITAN If you can get it maybe it will help you too.Keep the faith and GOD BLESS Steve

  37. This has worked quickly for me after two different experiences where I woke up at night and was not able to move my body, no ability to even roll over. In both cases I’d been helping
    with the whaling on the North Slope Barrow.
    In the a.m. finally able to struggle out of bed. Showered, applied Pain-a-trate plus tea tree oil and a heated a hydroculator (very absorbent pack heated in boiling water (careful, careful…wrap it well with towels)). It works well if you sit at your computer with the hot pack between your back and the chair. Both times I was much better the same day, right back to the thrill of helping out with whatever.
    It was somewhat a terrifying experience, wondering how I would manage to egress in an emergency but I didn’t dwell on it. I believe…everything for a reason, what is going to happen…it will happen.

    Same goes for when I was badly burned work way back. I was very busy at work (my boss on leave from stress ??), eventually went to the burn center the next day where they were waiting for me to take my leg off. I declined their invitation…signed papers, finally agreed they could clean it up and taped it as it did look pretty gross. The burn (top of knee to foot) healed beautifully on it’s own. The story…listen to yourself. It was many years ago but I’m sure they never forgot me.

  38. Connie Watts-Post December 5, 2013 Reply

    Thank you for your wonderful inspiring story. I suffered intense pain for years as a child. So, I understand that dynamic. I still learned to play the piano, read voraciously, & engaged in the world even though I could not run like other children.
    I have had a marvelous experience through life as a singer as well as a mother of 5. It’s true, you can work through & despite the pain.
    I read carefully the list of healing modalities you used. I did not see the name of Young Living Essential Oils. It seems a simple thing perhaps after all the expensive therapies you have utilized. Kind of like bathing in the Jordan River 7 times for the general in biblical times. But sometimes the simple solutions just work.
    I would be interested in your feedback because I am recovering from a 4 car pileup in which I was rear ended by a tow truck battering a delivery van into me. The oils seem to be helping speed healing.
    “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” (Quote by Willa Cather).
    With love,
    Connie Post

  39. Who knows if this will work for you, but it may be worth a try…Couple of suggestions you may not have tried yet:

    1) Dr. John Sarno – wrote a book called “Healing Back Pain”. He’s in NYC. I only read the first 30 pages of his book and my back pain went away

    2) Total Motion Release – a very unique approach to movement and physical therapy. I use this technique with about 90% of my physical therapy patients and I’ve seen great results even when I didn’t think it would work. It may be worth a trip to NC

  40. Arn Dela Cruz December 6, 2013 Reply

    Hi Preston,

    On top of the recommendations I gave below on my last post/comment, here’s one product you DEFINITELY need to try for all other body pains that you have:


    1.) DESTINED TO REIGN by Joseph Prince (Book)

    2.) HEALTH & WHOLENESS Through the Holy Communion
    by Joseph Prince (Book)

    3.)HEALING & WELLNESS – Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan (Manual, CD & DVD)

  41. Sheila Doty December 7, 2013 Reply

    My success story is finding you and all your friends. I wish you all a happy holiday season. God bless you all. I am rising above a foreclosure and meanie husband. I send him positive energy. I have a bad back too and I use a good old fashioned hot water bottle. Yeah I know,
    outrageous! Pharmacies still have them. Maybe it is a psychological comfort but it works along with aspercream if I worked too hard doing buticlass. Oh gosh! In case you never heard of:
    See Below.
    Love and light

    Check out “Sample BUTI Tone Workout” by Bizzie Gold on Vimeo.

    The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

    If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!

    Vimeo is filled with lots of amazing videos. See more at

  42. Catherine Hall December 8, 2013 Reply

    Without the rain there can be no rainbow! I say Thank God for rain!

  43. Monique Rene December 9, 2013 Reply

    WOW Preston I must admit I was shocked to read this! Your energy & pics don’t reveal or come across as someone who has gone thru and is persevering thru so much.

    God Bless!

  44. Preston, I really love your blog & have tons of stuff to stay but let me just get right to the point

    * has a product called Biotape which will clear blockage of electromagnetic impulses between cells & heal your inflammation & pain with proper use.

    This is something you must try!

    Dr. Coldwells Stress reducing techniques along with “Pain Free for Life: How to Heal Yourself Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery is some content you may want to check out.

    A Kagen water machine is a great investment & if you have silver fillings in your teeth cavities please do research & get them out, this goes for anyone. The holy grail of information, at least part of it is on Andrew Cutler’s website.


    This has been me filling in the blank. Bless your heart as it looks all good from where I’m standing.

  45. Hi Preston: I wrote to you yesterday–maybe you did not get it for some reason!I can absolutely relate to the disgusting pain you have. To get right to the point, go to this–
    It has helped me. Have pain still,but nothing like I had. I tried to give you a lot of info to read–please try it!!! I have not been taking it for a long time, but I KNOW it will help. I try to have an upbeat attitude all the while–I know that really helps us.
    Please let me know if you have any questions–you have my email!


  46. I just wrote a minute ago–December 10, 2013 Tuesday–why does it say Dec 11th?? I hope this note gets to you. You must not have received the one I sent from Dec. 9th either!!! Please put thru correctly

  47. P,

    I was in the same position as you, minus a sketchy surgery. The only thing that will make you function again is a minimum dose of 50 microgram fentanyl patches. I they’re supposed to be for 72 hours, but you’ll for sure get a full day to 2 days of complete pain relief. I have arthritis in my spine since 21, and multiple other places on top of disc issues. My right to mid lower back is where the constant life sucking pain is. This mixed with Vicodin. Yes, they are prescribed together by my doctor. It doesn’t make me a zombie either. The pain is taken away, so I actually gain energy from feeling “normal” and pain free for 2 days. P.S. The pain comes roaring back on the third day. They should really be changed every 48 hours. You may not like pharmaceuticals, but if you haven’t tried them, you’ll thank me. Keep the cash too. Just fly me down to meet you lol.

  48. Dr. Thurman Fleet. (Concept Therapy) If the body is the instrument and vehicle of the mind, perhaps his findings and body of knowledge will further enlighten.

  49. Wow this was so inspirational I felt chills all over my body that I shared a tear. This is going to be my morning night relaxation. This motivate me to keep moving forward and never look back!

  50. I will pray for you to receive what you have asked for. Keep knocking

  51. Bruce Porter Sr January 13, 2014 Reply

    18 Dec 1965, I’m a point man in Viet Nam. We couldn’t break through their lines. I’m hit, but not too bad, we are told to pull back. I tell everyone to get out and I’ll cover. They left me. Took me till dark to get out….and another hour to find my unit….in the dark. When I find them I have to worry that my own will fire me up. Fortunately I have a fairly distinctive voice and a name that is very hard for an Oriental to say.
    More to it, but don’t want to run off like that Ely guy!

    take a look at Robert Smith. Helps a lot of people,
    and Jesse Cannone He’ll send you a free book….you do read a tad, right?

    Once upon a time in a land very far away I was an Eastern Catholic priest and had a healing ministry, much to my surprise, seriously, nobody was more surprised than me when someone was healed. Quite amazing.

    God bless

  52. Mike Minnihan January 13, 2014 Reply

    Hi Preston

    I’ve had 2 major back surgeries.

    What helped me most was an underwater treadmill, as it helped to relieve the pain, took the stress off my back and allowed me to continue exercising.

    I highly recommend it.


  53. Preston, from a earthlings perspective I like your style. In the words of Forest Gump, “I like it allot”.

    The understanding of the information you shared does not have the power to bring lasting health, wealth or happiness. You already know the answer, why do you ask us, the people?

    God willing, your healing awaits you.

    Some food for thought: What can you do differently today as to being busy with the things of God, vs. being busy with the God of things?.

    Until we meet, may God hold you safely in the palm of His hands.

    Blessings Pierre

  54. Sarel van Wyk March 3, 2014 Reply

    When I’ve beaten my “personal pain” I will come to visit you and buy you a beer a cold drink or whatever…

  55. OK let me know when you’re ready to send me the $100k.

    All you need to do is contact Dr. Eric Pearl; I don’t know if he’ll command a fee, but from what I’ve seen, it appears that his gift should land yours.

  56. Hey Preston,

    Thanks for posting this. I, too, have disc/back problems and have had medical procedures, physical therapy ect.

    After persevering for 5 years I was pretty tired and went from persevering to enduring. I just shut down. I could go on and on with this long story. My original injury was in 2000, so as of this writing it’s been 14 years. I won’t bore you with all the details.

    A few years ago I sort of woke up and thought ‘This is not me! How did I become this person?’ So, I decided to start living again. I began searching for ways to improve my health and my life, which includes my financial situation. After trying many different things including many attempts at internet marketing, I decided to get into something that has always interested me – Real Estate! After fumbling around a while I found you and Real Estate Mogul. Thank you!

    As for my health, I am working on improving that. Please don’t consider this as an excuse it is just an unfortunate fact, living below poverty level on disability payments does not allow me to buy all of the foods and supplements that I would like to. It’s not a choice like ‘Do I go out to the movies and buy new clothes or buy those supplements?’ It’s more like ‘Do I buy those supplements or pay the electric bill?’ Anyway, enough of that. I’m not normally a complainer. In fact, like you, many people that I know do not even know that I have back problems because I don’t like to give the pain that kind of acknowledgement and energy.

    I really just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I knew before that I could succeed at real estate investing/wholesaling. But now I am even more inspired by you.

    I’ll just add my 2 cents to all of the other suggestions here. Out of all the treatments that I have tried I truly found a large degree of relief from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I found out that emotional issues that I thought were resolved years ago were actually contributing to my pain. Releasing hidden emotional issues relieved much pain. This is not a ‘one and done’ it can take many sessions as you discover different issues. And if you think “I don’t have any emotional issues.” I ask you, have you been living on the planet Earth? Have you been dealing with other humans? Have you failed at any endeavors? If you answered yes to any of those then I guarantee that you have or at least had emotional issues. If you think you do not, most likely you have just pushed them down and they are contributing to your pain.

    I found a wonderful practitioner that I worked with for a little while when I came into some money. Her name is Alina Frank. She is located in Washington state but can work with you over the phone. You can also do EFT by yourself but I would suggest starting with a good practitioner since your pain is intense.

    I hope this helps you as much as you are helping me. You are AWESOME. Thanks for sharing all that you do share.

    Sorry this got to be so long.

  57. Hi Preston,

    I thought I should add a brief description of EFT in case you are not at all familiar with it. This technique uses acupressure points on your body. You tap these points with your fingertips while focusing on the issue at hand, in this case your pain. Dealing with the pain directly may lead you to unresolved emotional issues.

    This is NOT Psychotherapy. This has been used very successfully with war veterans to relieve PTSD. I used it several years ago to quit smoking. It can be used for just about any issue that you can think of. It is especially good for relieving stress.

    You can look it up and find many videos of how to do it.

    Here is a link to one of my websites that will show you how:

    I truly believe that you should try this. I know it’s difficult to believe that emotions can contribute to pain but it is true! I had to experience it to believe it.

    You may not gain total pain relief, after all you do have a physical issue. But if you could alleviate 75% of the pain wouldn’t it be worth it?

  58. Clinton R April 4, 2014 Reply

    Thank you #

  59. Brandilyn April 7, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for such a great post!
    I too suffer, but my suffering is not physical pain. I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I am in my early 30s and by the time I was 25 many terribly traumatic things have happened to me. In my earliest memories until my mother and stepfather separated, when I was 14; I was terribly abused. I have been jumped and raped twice. Have had a gun put to my head over custody of my daughter. Men in my past were not good to me and I developed extreme trust issues. I started seeing a therapist around 26. She helped me see how strong of a person I was! I thought I let these things hinder my life, yet she says that I am one of the strongest women she has ever met in her life!
    I don’t let my past hinder me anymore, yet I do have an extreme fear of the dark. If I must walk alone at night I talk to the Lord and he always guides me home safely!
    I have survived and have become a stronger woman because of my past! And plan to continue to show my 16 year old daughter that no matter what happens to you in life; NEVER let it get you down! AND that not all men are the same! There are great loving men out there that will treat you like a queen! Found mine at 28 🙂

    So in closing; I too have had my struggles, but throughout it all I knew life had to better! So I kept persevering!
    Thank you again for all of your posts!
    ~ Brandilyn

  60. Thanks for the Courage article. It helps in some ways.

    Back in my college days, I was a working student. First time I failed a subject was terrible. Calculus was in a different level. The following year I tried cheating my way (open books, notes, calculators etc.) yet still failed. After another year, I practiced non-stop, taking everything seriously. I am currently an Engr and proud of it.

    Sure this is nothing compared to other struggles. But I learned that in every problem we face in our lives, I believe we only need 2 things “perseverance and faith”. And at the end of each trial try to understand the lesson it teaches you.

    Btw regarding your back, try swimming or just walking beside the pool. Hope it helps

  61. Im so glad I ran across this & stopped to read it! I NEEDED TO HEAR/SEE ur story!! I just went thru 2mos of vision loss in one eye(cause still TBD) & Been dealin with similar back issues. I was mad 2 surgeons turned me down for surgery. AND I TOTALLY GOT A 2ND HERNIATED DISC CAUSED FROM DAM TRACTION TABLE LAST YEAR too! Those things should be banned ..maybe theyre made by the knife happy surgeons!!! Lol

    Soooo u DONT recommend ever having surgery??? Serious ? Had MRI yesterday on brain and neck to check disc progression. I can see they arent better. May have a difficult decision to make. My vision seems to be getting back to normal and I promised God if he would not take my sight I would happily deal with other physical pain and issues. And NEVER EVER TAKE EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS (like seeing and hearing) FOR GRANTED. I now need to keep that promise as God answered my prayers IN HIS WAY. I WANT to spend life happy to wake up and help others anyway I can. (Even tho I may need physical help) HE truly showed me how things could be worse and that I have so much to offer and give!!

    Thank you! You showed me we take control of our destiny no matter what our limitations may be. Im eager to stop letting my pain/disability dictate my life! Want to be the person who had all those dreams, motivation, and skies the limit attitude I had few years ago!!

    -God Bless you and your family (congrats soon to be father I think I read you commented that 🙂

  62. Your story is heart-rending. It strikes pretty close to home.

    For many years, I’ve watched my older sister live with pain. As a teenager, she broke her back. As a young woman, she broke her pelvis. As a young mother, she severely damaged both knees and her operations, like yours, only made things worse. Much worse. Until recently, she has persevered. It has been difficult. She was beautiful, strong, graceful, athletic and very smart. Now, after more than 30 years, I think she’s about to give up. I wish that were not so but it is not fair for me to ask her to continue in pain.

    I, too, have had setbacks – illnesses that should have resulted in my death if not my total invalidism. Now I’m retired and still healthy. So this is it.

    Pray for others. Offering financial support to charities is one thing. Teaching people how to make money is a nice thing, but there is more. Pray for them. Pray for your students’ success. Pray for rain to fall on the farmers’ fields. Pray for hurricanes to turn away from land. Pray for your neighbor’s unborn child and his family. Pray for drivers to arrive safely. There are millions of things to pray about, even without making it personal. Even prayers that are initially focused on someone you know don’t have to be personal. Pray for God’s perfection to be made present on Earth.

    Say a prayer and release it to find its way, as you would release a butterfly, and say “Thank you.”

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  63. Karla Arreguin September 30, 2015 Reply

    (fill in the blank with your idea in a comment below. If it heals me I’ll give you $100,000. Consider that a binding legal agreement.)

    Go to a private place crying and begging God, with a true and genuine heart and beg Him to heal you. Then listen to see what He wants from you in exchange and make a covenant with Him to do that one thing in exchange for your healing. Also, think hard about a sin (IF any)(for example: people get AIDS sometimes for their sin in sexual immorality so this part might not apply to you) that possibly caused this suffering upon yourself and confess it. Tell God to forgive you before you ask healing or it might hinder your prayer from getting answered.

    This did work for me. I had a horrible infection and imbedded metal object in my face that needed to be surgically removed. I was crying tears of blood (literally) and would randomly go blind for periods of time. I feared going blind permanently and didn’t want to go through with the surgery so I did what I am telling you to do and God miraculously healed me about two hours prior to the surgery. He even immediately closed up the wound and made it turn into a faint scar before my eyes as I stared in the mirror. Oh and to this day, I did keep my end of the covenant with God.

    ALSO: You are hilarious, and thank you for the article. I have been going through a trial for 4 years now and currently in a “wave” and lots of intensified pain. I googled “how to persevere in pain” and saw your article. Soooo glad I did! Thanks and God Bless. I am going to pray for you.


  64. Hey Preston, great article as almost all I’ve read of yours are. I read this a few days ago but wanted to come back and post what worked for my lower back pain. It used to come and go fairly severe so I tried Foundation Training. It’s based out of the US however I just read the book and followed the exercises and noticed results quite quickly, if you try it and it helps let me know, either way it was around 22 bucks to try

    Have a good one and keep the motivational speeches coming!

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  66. Your story is so inspirational! I’m so sorry to hear about your chronic pain…my story is similar to yours, just that my issues have been around mental health, abuse etc. I can only recommend what I’ve tried: kinesiology, energy healing and floatation therapy. I’m a trainee dramatherapist but dramatherapy is mostly used to bring up stuff from the unconscious so that it can be worked through…don’t think it would be much use for physical ailments. I’ve also heard of EMDR for PTSD. Just go all out with the energy healing and unconventional therapies until you’ve tried everything. Maybe meditation as well if you haven’t tried already? Just for the mind.

    I really hope you heal one day!

  67. Robert Syfert May 18, 2017 Reply

    It is the answer or at least the best and most complex yet simple solution, highly recommend getting with one of the top DR certified in this… They just recently did a preso at John Hopkins because of the miracles people have had…

  68. Thank you